two deer walk out of a gay bar, one turns to the other and says “man, i can’t believe i blew thirty bucks in there”.

this literally took me forever to get



songs by florence and the machine make me feel like i need to run barefoot through a misty forest wearing a flower crown

and reveal my true demon form as i burn the forest and everything in it down

Fever Dreams

Hey kids, I’m writing Skyrim fanfic for my girlfriend. Come love me! (This is a totally unedited character study that has just about literally nothing to do with the story itself BUT COME LOVE ME ANYWAY I’m cute)


You have always been afraid of the dark. Ever since you were old enough to fear, you’ve known that there were things out there, things with slithering voices and reaching limbs. Neil doesn’t know, nor will he ever, that you build your fires not to stave off the creatures that hide in the dark, but to keep out the dark itself. You have no idea what will happen when its claws finally envelop you, but you will do anything not to find out.

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actually being bisexual and heteromantic is like an actual thing and yea there are ppl like that




heteroromantic makes me think of heteroflexible which leaves a bad taste in my mouth and people who claim to be heterowhatever bisexual are almost always “straight but get me drunk and we’ll see ha ha ;)” which are almost definitely always using bisexuality as a prop but thats just my onion drag me for it idc

rhyse i generally agree with your opinions re: sexuality but this one is kinda :/

Honesty it’s my blog and not all my opinions are gonna match yours sorry you feel this way but as someone who has been down that repressive heteroflexible bullshit road I can tell you right now that nothing you can say is going to change my mind

shit i meant to reply to this whups.

i gotta go with rhyse on this one, as someone who has identified as “bisexual heteroromantic” in the past. “heteroromantic” is just a halfhearted “don’t worry mom I’ll still have babies probably” that helps you out with the internalized homophobia (and most likely, also misogyny) and you’ll do a lot better if you let go of it.

Yo so if you were wondering if fatphobia and misogyny were still a thing, looking for costumes for plus sized women will give you more images making fun of larger (and usually, not large at all) women than it will give you helpful suggestions.

fuck that man. fuck. that.

so i know i should shower because i have to go to my mom’s

but i have to go to my mom’s because we’re having my dog put down tomorrow and i want to say goodbye

and i don’t want any of this to be happening

so i really don’t want to shower


Sansa lets me know when I been on tumblr too long


Sansa lets me know when I been on tumblr too long